Do you identify with our aid projects? Would you like to support us as a regular sponsor so that together we can help improve the long-term living conditions of these destitute indigenous families?


Sponsors are very important financial partners for us as they allow us to plan our aid projects more efficiently.


At the request of sponsors, your logo and website can be displayed on our website.


We hope to be able to welcome you as a valued sponsor of Porvenir Peru soon!

Our Swiss sponsors

Peru Shop is the biggest online shop for Peruvian items registered in Switzerland. We purchase the items direct from independent craftspeople, artists and indigenous weaverwomen in Peru and pay them a just and fair price (fair trade).

Annually, we transfer 20 % of the sales turnover as a donation to the Porvenir Peru Foundation. www.perushop.ch (website in German only)

Reiser.li Kaffee is the smallest and most versatile coffee-roasters family business in Switzerland. We sell freshly roasted and finest coffee from selected regions of the world and in unique blends and flavours.

We give 2 % of our annual gross sales revenues as donation to the aid organisation Porvenir Peru.

www.reiser.li (page in German only).