Annual reports with information about our aid projects

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Our principles for evaluating new aid projects

We support projects if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • We focus on supporting indigenous families who live in harsh conditions in small, remote mountainous communities at approximately 4000 metres above sea level in the region of Cusco.
  • We concentrate on villages which have not received any support to date - neither from the Peruvian government nor from other aid agencies - and are therefore in need of aid.
  • We choose aid projects that are associated with securing nutrition for families or that enable families to receive a sustainable income, such as supporting the purchase of their handmade textiles.
  • The maximum expenditure on projects per village community is USD 10,000. This sum must be able to finance a sustainable aid project that will visibly improve the quality of life for the whole community. Because of the size of our Foundation, we can only take into consideration projects for small villages.
  • The village communities that receive our support must also make a (non-financial) contribution to enable the aid project to be brought to fruition.
  • At least twice a year, we visit the villages where we have carried out aid projects to ensure that the projects continue to be sustainable.
  • We also support projects that serve to promote the culture and appreciation of the indigenous people of the region. We have a total of USD 20,000 available for this purpose (see our Annual Report 2015, pages 7 and 8).

Where do we carry out our projects?

We are active primarily in the provinces of Calca and Paucartambo in the region of Cusco helping with aid projects in small and remote indigenous communities above 4000 metres in the Peruvian Andes.