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Ernesto Zulliger - Porvenir Peru

Ernesto Zulliger

Founder and President of the Foundation Board

Ernesto was born in Mexico in 1961, the son of Swiss parents, and has spent 23 years of his life in five different countries in Latin America. Professionally, he was employed in finance with a focus on South America for 28 years. He is well acquainted with the social injustices that exist between rich and poor in this region. When he reached fifty, he decided to leave his job so that he could spend the final third of his life fulfilling a social need to benefit disadvantaged people in South America. In 2013, using his own finances, he founded the aid organisation Porvenir Peru to support the indigenous mountain people in the Peruvian Andes. Ernesto lives in Switzerland, but spends several months a year in Peru carrying out the aid projects on site, working with Faustino Huahuasoncco.

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Faustino Huahuasoncco – Stiftung Porvenri Peru

Faustino Huahuasoncco

Project Coordinator and Driver

Since January 2019, Faustino is our new Project Coordinator after having worked for us as a faithful truck driver in the past three years. He was born in a poor indigenous community where he spent his first 18 years. Thus, he is fluent in Quechua and is very familiar with the needs of the poor peopole living at high altitudes in Peru. We are very happy to have his knowledge for our future projects.

Vanessa Zulliger – Stiftung Porvenir Peru

Vanessa Zulliger

Member of the Foundation’s Board

Vanessa is the founder’s eldest daughter who studied social work in Switzerland. She has worked as a volunteer for various social and ecological projects in Ecuador and Costa Rica.

She advises us primarily on issues connected to the effects our projects will have on the local ecology, environment and on recycling. She also supports the management and administration of the aid work.