Our team

The Porvenir Peru team consists of just five people - three Peruvians and two Swiss - whose goal is to provide sustainable support to the mountain people who face precarious living conditions.

Ernesto Zulliger

Founder and President of the Foundation Board

Ernesto was born in Mexico in 1961, the son of Swiss parents, and has spent 23 years of his life in five different countries in Latin America. Professionally, he was employed in finance with a focus on South America for 28 years. He is well acquainted with the social injustices that exist between rich and poor in this region. When he reached fifty, he decided to leave his job so that he could spend the final third of his life fulfilling a social need to benefit disadvantaged people in South America. In 2013, using his own finances, he founded the aid organisation Porvenir Peru to support the indigenous mountain people in the Peruvian Andes. Ernesto lives in Switzerland, but spends several months a year in Peru carrying out the aid projects on site, working with Angel Callañaupa.

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Angel Callañaupa Alvarez

Project Co-ordinator

Angel has an indigenous background and, in addition to Spanish, he speaks the local language of Quechua. During his youth, he spent several years in the jungle region of the Peruvian Amazon which means that he also speaks two other local languages. He has a good knowledge of healing illnesses using plants from the jungle. Before Ernesto’s and Angel’s paths crossed, Angel had been supporting the mountain people with his own funds. Above all, his support benefits the indigenous weaver-women, so that they can sell their handmade Alpaca textiles.

Angel is our freelance project coordinator and he spends several weeks a year in various mountain villages, monitoring our on-going projects and checking new plans.

José Luis Castro García

Project Consultant

José Luis is a well-known celebrity in the field of culture in the Peruvian town of Cusco. For 19 years, he was the producer and presenter of cultural programmes for a TV station. As a journalist, he also wrote newspaper articles about culture and Peruvian history, and was employed by the Ministry of Culture for the region of Cusco as a consultant. Currently, he is the director of a cultural association which organises regular events in Cusco. Apart from Spanish, he also speaks the local language of Quechua fluently.

José Luis supports our foundation as a freelancer by planning new projects, particularly in the areas of education and culture. He also helps us to acquire new sources of donor funds in Peru.

Faustino Huahuasoncco


Faustino is our faithful truck driver who helps us by using his own truck to transport the materials needed for our aid projects. Thanks to his driving skills, negotiating passes at over 4500 metres above sea level and making journeys over rough terrain in the mountain regions are like a walk in the park.

Vanessa Zulliger

Member of the Foundation’s Board

Vanessa is the founder’s eldest daughter who studied social work in Switzerland. She has worked as a volunteer for various social and ecological projects in Ecuador and Costa Rica.

She advises us primarily on issues connected to the effects our projects will have on the local ecology, environment and on recycling. She also supports the management and administration of the aid work.