About us

Registered in both Switzerland and Peru, Porvenir Peru is an aid organisation (NGO) which supports the indigenous mountain people in the Andean region of Cusco.


The main objective of the foundation is to tangibly improve these small farmers’ living conditions through sustainable aid projects.


Our aid projects aim to guarantee the families’ food security and to reduce their dependence on growing potatoes.


Porvenir Peru was founded in 2013 by the Swiss citizen, Ernesto Zulliger, the current president of the foundation’s board, who personally carries out all the aid projects for the foundation with his team on site in the country.

What distinguishes us from other NGO

We are energetic, courageous and sometimes just a little crazy!

We provide support in places where aid has not yet arrived. What other aid organisation would undertake a march through the mountains at an altitude of over 4500 metres, lasting several physically exhausting hours to carry out aid projects in small, remote communities? At these altitudes there is approximately 40% less oxygen than at sea level which could pose a health risk to the inexperienced.


We are small and slim, and efficient!

We do not have any fixed salary or office costs and, unlike other aid organisations, we do not have any management or administration costs. The largest proportion of the money received from our donors flows directly into the projects.