Year 2020

Despite the "Corona" year 2020, we received twice as much donations as the year before, namely USD 19'989. 

Due to the pandemic which was very bad in Peru last year, we were not able to travel to Peru once in 2020 (there were no flights). The Peruvian government had enforced a strict curfew in the country for several months to contain the pandemic. 

For this reason, we were only able to implement part of our planned aid projects last year. Therefore, our project-related expenses amounted to "only" USD 8,715 compared to the previous year, where we had spent USD 18,460 on aid projects. 

As of December 31, 2020, the Swiss foundation Porvenir Peru (USD 55,500) and our Peruvian subsidiary of the same name (USD 7,300) together had liquid funds of USD 62,800 to realize further aid projects. 

Our next trip to Peru is planned for mid-October 2021. 

Below the audited financial reports (in German) for the last years.

Audited financial reports in Switzerland (in German)

Years 2013 - 2020

Financial Report 2020 (in German)
Revisionsbericht 2020.pdf
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Financial Report 2019 (in German)
Revisionsbericht 2019.pdf
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Financial Report 2018 (in German)
Revisionsbericht 2018.pdf
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Financial Report 2017 (in German)
Revisionbericht 2017.pdf
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Financial Report 2016 (in German)
Revisionsbericht 2016.pdf
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Financial Report 2015 (in German)
Revisionsbericht 2015.pdf
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Financial Report 2013-2014 (in German)
Revisionsbericht 2013-2014.pdf
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